Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Ostrich Bags to brag about

For all my fans that want an updated picture of an Ostrich Bag.

Check this out.
You can purchase this one thru

My Ostrich leather Bag

My first online sale!!! Yeee haaaaaa ( Texas version of "GREAT") I've had my first sale online. Even though it wasnt exactly thru my website, it was thru my Ebay store ( user id: htdun, store name; M Sales and Bargains) i still sold my first handmade purse. An Ostrich skin - leather bag. I am so grateful for this and hope I can sell more!!

Thank you all for my "hits" as I know some of you are going to my website from reading my blog.

Oh, Please.... come back again.

~ Md the expert of all~master of none

Freaky Texas Weather

Ahhh, gotta love Texas Weather. Monday, temperature was 46 degrees. Today, right now, temperature is 76 degrees, sunny, windy and no chance of snow for the next 50 years !!! Wore shorts on Sunday, my leather jacket on Monday and today, dont know what i'll wear. Either way, this freaky weather drives me nuts!

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