Sunday, September 19, 2010

21 Secrets with 21 ARTISTS

WOW 21 Art Journaling secrets from 21 creative ARTISTS. The ultimate online workshop. Can't wait for Monday to sign up. Unless of course...I win a FREE spot ...for FREE!!

I hope this doesnt have anything to do with how many of my followers follow the blog. Because...I don't have many followers. Then again...i dont blog often.

Anyhow... I am really interested in learning more about Art Journaling and secret techniques that Lisa at">
has to share. Postcard techniques from Lis Hofmann at and what about the creative juices that flow into Hanna's mind at

These three artists and 18 more. What a DEAL!! (Even better deal if I win LOL) I need inspiration overall…I LOVE all of these techniques. Techniques, techniques and more techniques from 21 creative artists.