Saturday, October 20, 2007

My very first blog

Welcome to my very first blog.

I'm a female 65 years old ( and look dang well for 65) with 3 teen boys residing in San Antonio, TX. I am a self proclaimed mixed media artist and love to take unwanted items, buff 'em, paint, embellish and create a different look turning them into a "wanted item". Not all of my creations are created out of "recycled" products. Most are made out of brand new craft supplies.
Check them out.

I have a Masters degree from the school of "Mission Impossible" with a minor in creative arts.

I have a fulltime job but consider my hobby, my partime job. Well... I'm hoping to make big BUCKS with my hobby someday.

My goal is to retire at an age appropriate level and do crafts on a fulltime basis. Okay...soo... if i'm 65 why am I not retired already ? Because I'm NOT 65 years old !!! I'm 20 or so years YOUNGER...but have the mind and knowledge of a 65 year old female. Or at least I think I do.
note to self: "ahhh... i love this blog thing wont talk back to me nor correct me"

As I dont have any females in the household, therefore, making it hard to communicate with boys about crafts, sewing, DIY, HGTV, this blog is just what I needed. I wont have to discuss crafts to me and myself. I'll just use my creative "writing skills" to keep a journal of my daily creations. Perhaps upload pictures as well.

I only get moody one day of the week.. or so ....I've been told. In my opinion, I'm joyful every single day.

I'll also share other off topic discussions. Whatever is on my mind at the time. I promise to change the names of anyone I discuss on this blog to protect the innocent and protect myself from getting... "egged".

Enjoy and please, feel free to add comments, check out my Ebay online store. My website for any crafty creations I have up for sale.

Have a FANtastic Day ...I know I am !!


P.S. Please dont just read and move on... type..type..type some comment. Thank You


Jackie's Desighns said...

Hi MD!! I am so excited you are here!
You have a fabulous blog! Great job my friend.
Lv Jackie

Mel said...

I know I met you and I didn't think you were 65. LOL