Sunday, November 7, 2010

Recovering from trip to Houston. Learned alot fr classes with Glickman, Crust, Scharf & Murray. Invested in yummy silks, STEWART GILL, gold & silver charms and tools I could NOT live without. Met ppl from Canada, Sweden, Australia, Lebanon, Scotland & "tried" answering ?s w/a grp from Holland that I had lunch with. Truly an International Event. A few sleepless nights;many lasting memories.
Until next time, Houston.


Martha Lever said...

Hi! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Sounds like you had fun in Houston! and you got some Stewart Gill paints! That is the one things that I don't have! I should just break down and get some. I know that Suzi Blu loves them. I love that tote bag several posts back that is graffiti inspired!

Maria D said...

Thanks for the compliment, Martha.

All of my graffiti as well as the graffiti tote bags were inspired by the work of Alisa Burke. I LOVE her style.

It was a real experience checking out the Stewart Gill paints in person at the Houston event. They are a little pricey but, I plan on using them "sparingly" Matter of fact, I bumped into Alisa Burke in the hallway while I was going up to one of my workshops. She's such a cute gal and very talented.

Have a great day.