Monday, February 14, 2011


Lots to catch up with. ALOT of art i've been doing and finally took pics to share.

My favorite is my artistic embellished boots. Enjoy


Chaska said...

Your boots are wonderful!!! But, they aren't just for Texas. You would get lots of compliments in New York City, and also in most places in California....oh...I could go on and on, actually. :-)

Maria D said...

Soooo True, Chaska These boots were meant for walking...on any soil, that is.

I might've been thinking that shorts and flips are almost worn year round in Texas. We have more HOT days than cool ones. This weekend was sooo sunny, warm and almost felt like Spring, whereas it's supposed to be winter season. :-)

Thank you for the compliment.

Rhonda Rogalski said...

Your boots are fantastic! How did you create them? Just beautiful :D

Maria D said...

Thanks for your compliment.
I collaged paper, fabric, and napkin elements on my boots. I also had to add layers and layers of acrylics with a base coat of gesso for durability. Then I added stamps, and more 3d embellishments. With a final coating of fixative, then polyurethene.